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  1. Every pupil should try to keep up the high standard of St. Dominic Savio by excelling in good manners and exemplary behaviour towards the staff and the students.
  2. No books, periodicals, newspapers or pictures other than the prescribed ones may be brought into the School premises without the permission of the Principal. Likewise articles liable to prove a source of disturbance such as crackers, water pistols, colour powder / paint etc. must not be brought into the School premises.
  3. Scribbling on the walls, furniture or floor is to be strictly avoided. Any damage to school property including games and sports equipment will have to be compensated. The decision of the Principal / Administrator regarding the amount to be paid is final.
  4. Dangerous or harmful games and amusements are strictly forbidden in the premises of the school. Students must avoid everything that hurts one another.
  5. After school hours or any function, the pupils must go out of the school building and the premises in an orderly and disciplined manner.
  6. During school hours pupils may leave the premises ONLY with the permission of the Principal and after informing the class teacher.
  7. Pupils are not allowed to receive letters or other correspondence in school address without special permission.
  8. Pupils suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted attend school.
  9. Pupils are forbidden to be members of any political organization or any club or association outside the school. Written permission of the Principal is necessary to join any Recreation Club, Library or other organizations.
  10. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behavior outside the school too. On their way to and from school, they are expected to behave in a gentlemanly manner.
  11. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness or neglect of duty, long absence without leave, disrespect the members of the staff, indocility to correction, malpractices during examinations, stealing, bad moral influence or any other grave fault deemed as such by the school authorities justify dismissal from school.