The realization of the need for a good education has crept in the minds of all. In a special way, the parents who are aware of the importance of it spend most of their time in these months in selection the right school. The selection of the school is not an easy task. It’s needless to say that selection our school fulfills all their desires and dreams. The benefit of a sound education is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your son/daughter. It is something s/he cannot lose or can be taken away from him/her. It will greatly influence in realizing his/her potential and will enhance his/her chances of leading a successful like

Our aim is to provide each boy/girl with the education which will equip his/her future in society. To achieve our aim we offer:

  1. A unique friendly and caring ethos;
  2. A demanding yet supportive learning environment;
  3. A pupil-centered approach where every learner is provided with opportunities for individual growth with self-set goals.
  4. Excellent facilities and the latest education technology
  5. A well-equipped professional and dedicated teaching staff;
  6. A cost effective education
  7. An extensive and highly competitive extra-curricular programme
  8. An opportunity to participate in the school’s varied cultural and sporting programme
  9. To educate for life in a changing society through the development of social conscience and the recognition of the importance and dignity of every human-being, regardless of status, colour , race or religion;
  10. A clean and friendly environment

The process we adopt is Experiencing, Understanding, judging, deciding and studying. We help them to experience the need for knowledge, to understand the concepts and judge (verify) whether they have understood the concepts, them make strong decision to study and enjoy studying.

Give you child and take him back as an academically excellent, culturally convinced, spiritually grown, fully matured LEADER.

Rev. Fr. Arockiadass, sdb