This Institution was established by The South Indian Salesian Society, a registered society, bearing Reg.S.N.20 of 1945-1946 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act). It has been managed by the catholic Religious fathers belonging to the congregation of South Indian Salesian Society fathers. The said society is running “Dominic Savio Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Santhome, Chennai – 600 004”


60 glorious years have passed and Dominic Savio, still remains as an icon of dedication, sacrifice and tireless efforts of the noble hearts who strived to build it to greater heights.

True to its Mission Statement, the history of Dominic Savio School is an enlightened blend of Relationship, Integrity and Excellence in every attempt to achieve its goal.

Rev.Fr.C.Restelli was responsible for the initial brand building and increasing the students influx, from them on there was no turning back for Dominic Savio Preparatory School.

The gates of Dominic Savio Preparatory School opened on 15th July 1957 with Rev.Fr.Tuena as its first Principal. It merely had 10 boys as the total strength spread across two classes in a two-storeyed building. It was meant to be a feeder School for St.Bede’s and has found favour and made sure it gained fame day after day.


Today, Dominic Savio Matriculation Higher Secondary School is one of the most sought after schools, with 1250 students. Marching towards its goal with head held high this Institution has been moulded in the hands of several craftsmen – Rev.Fr.Hugh Tuena (1957-1961), Rev.Fr.Luigi Di Fiore (1961-1964), Rev.Fr.Joseph Murphy (1964-1969) and Rev.Fr.Stephen Bernard (1969-1970). After facing a lot of hurdles, extra-curricular activities took a front seat during the period of Bro.Zachry. The system of appointing a Headmistress came into force after Bro.Zachry. Rev. Fr.Joy Panackel (1973-1977) took over, then followed by Rev.Fr.Clive Hurley (1977-1980), Rev.Fr.Stanislaus Fernandez (1980-1983), while the House System, Library and Cubs was born during Rev.Fr.Joseph Forte’s phase. Mrs.Ivy Ravel (happy memory) was appointed as first Headmistress. She took the school to a high degree of skill.

Further then Rev.Fr.K.P.Paul took over. It was during this phase the devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary was practiced in the month of August, apart from infra-structural developments in School.

The construction of the new building was completed during the incumbency of Rev.Fr.V.V.Abraham who took the mantle from Rev.Fr.K.P.Paul. It was he who emphasized on the mission of the School, ″Dominic Savio stands for Loving Relationship, Integrity and Excellence”. Later Mrs. Lily Xavier was appointed as Asst. Headmistress.

Rev.Fr.John Peter Sathiyaraj was inclined more to sports. As a result he introduced the gymnastics classes, Table Tennis coaching, summer camps and also revolutionised the lives of students by including Computer Science as a subject with a well-equipped lab.

Then came the tech-savy Rev.Fr.Joe Andrew. He has been active in achieving the Matriculation status for Dominic Savio School. He not only kick started a full-fledged website but also gave a new life to the lab and the Auditorium. His penchant for media was witnessed in 2007 – Golden Jubilee Parents’ Day Celebration when he personally oversaw from script to screen a 90 minutes musical dance drama theoretical, “The Smiling Saint” featuring kids from Stds.I to V.

In 2008, Rev.Fr.Joe Andrew took his place as a Vice-Provincial of the Salesian House, Chennai handling over the responsibility to Rev.Fr.P.Arulanandam. Amidst hectic day to day activities Rev.Fr.Arulanandam faced challenge which was the completion of the extended school building to accommodate upto Std.X under extreme time constraints. Mrs. Pradeepa Francis was appointed as Asst. Headmistress in the same year.

Rev.Fr.L.Don Bosco took charge as Rector & Correspondent from June 2011. Rev.Fr.Samala Sundararaj took charge as Principal for the academic year 2011-2012, made the first batch of X-Std students who appeared for their board exams secure cent percent results in May-2012. The dawn of “Savian Fest – Inter School Cultural Competition” was initiated during this period.

Rev.Fr.Don Bosco continued as Principal too in the following year. There were enormous no. of students securing centum in various subjects. He initiated the School to the Higher Secondary level. The Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs were made well equipped. Adding on to this the majestic St.Bede’s Centenary Auditorium soared high with the continuous efforts of Fr.Don Bosco.

Rev.Fr.John Peter Suvickan took charge as Principal for the academic year 2013-2016. It was then the canopy was erected. The first batch of XII-Std. students who appeared for their board exams secure cent percent results in May-2014. Mrs.Prathipa Francis retired from her service in 2013-2014.

From 2016-2019, Rev.Fr.Mathias, the Principal continues to render his meticulous service to the School. During his tenure, devotion to Mary Help of Christians and St.John Bosco was instilled to the children. Adding a feather to his cap the drinking water facility, the kindergarten play area, cycle shed, renovation of library and various groups and movements functioned in full-fledge. His untiring efforts paved way to install smart class equipment from Kindergarten to Std.IX. The children were improved of their reading skills by the books provided in the library and by the newspapers.

Rev. Fr Vincent Robert was at the helm of our ship from 2019 to 2021, making sure the sailing was smooth inspite of the  ranging pandemic.  For the first time the system of education changed. Online teaching took on a new dimension.  Dominic Savio saw technology reach its peak. Education imparted during this period was a challenge yet the outcome was a great success.

Rev. Fr. Arokiadass took over as the Principal from the Academic year 2021 onwards.

The success of Dominic Savio School is a result of perfection, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back. No one becomes successful without hard work and support from others. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful.